Let me assure you that this is front and center with the Trump Campaign. What they choose to do with it is another matter. Jay

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Is there anything a CPA with audit experience can help with?

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Who is at front and center will determine if Trump every learns the Truth about the necessity of innovation using my favorite “ just data guy & team” to disrupt fraud 😢🙏🇺🇸

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Jay- this country (or what's left of it) owes you a HUGE debt of gratitude for your work.

I have been involved with the movement for a few years and the problem is exactly as you've outlined it - the so called "voter integrity" people are looking at ID's and not locations and of course they are losing the battle.

Here in Nueva York we have NY Citizens Audit which has morphed into United Sovereign Americans and they seem to be pursuing the same strategy. They have some brilliant people who have figured out how our voter rolls have been corrupted by various algorithms that create duplicate and phantom voters.

However, even though they've proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are still faced with the impossible task of cleaning up the voter rolls before November which is never going to happen as you have pointed out over and over again.

For the life of me I don't understand why there can't be an open forum somewhere so that you guys can hash it out and maybe join forces. It seems like we all want the same result, so why can't we work together?

For that matter, what the hell is wrong with the RNC and Team Trump?? Has anyone from the insiders group even contacted you to discuss your system and process? This is getting crazy.

Here are are two articles from American Thinker (which regularly features your writing as well) that detail some of their ongoing efforts.

I would love to know your opinion about what they are doing and what their chances of success are, if you could be so kind to post.

Here's an article about their efforts in Ohio.

"In 2023, Hornik and Harry Haury, an expert in cybercrime and election law, founded United Sovereign Americans and developed a legal strategy for securing the validity of the 2024 election based on federal civil rights law and Supreme Court precedent, which established for election officials that ignorance of the law is no excuse. “


Here's another one about their efforts in Maryland:

"United Sovereign Americans, a nationwide group dedicated to fair and honest elections, has joined with Maryland Election Integrity, LLC, in filing a lawsuit in Maryland Federal Court against the Maryland State Board of Elections with Judge Stephanie A. Gallagher presiding."


On another note- I don't know if you are aware of Elizabeth Nickson and her substack, Welcome to Absurdistan, but it looks like she's another fan of yours. Here's are recent post that has a lot about you and Omega:


You are our last and best hope to have event the semblance of a fair and accurate election that will be the most important one of our lifetimes.

God bless you and protect you.

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Thanks for the kind thoughts. Not everyone is happy we are doing this. Regards,


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The Commonwealth of Virginia needs to do this in about 10 counties/jurisdictions.

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I do not understand why an innovative person in marketing has yet to introduce this to influencers of Trump or Trump himself to show fallacy of old technology and strategies by people well meaning but just don’t get it truly what is needed is innovation of smart data guys who have decades of experience disrupting fraud in companies plus Ron Johnson win re-electing by disrupting enough fraud to win!

Hello?! What happen to Steve Bannon since Jay was on his program a while back. God bless Jay Valentine and his smart team 😘🇺🇸🙏

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One of the options listed in the explanation for proof of residence at section 8 of the EL-131 registration form states the following: (Homeless voters only) A letter from an organization that provides services to the homeless that identifies the voter and describes the location designated as the person’s residence for voting purposes.

Question: Since the homeless require a letter from the organization providing them services to register, will Omega4america create a WI video specifying the organizations that are vouching for illegal aliens? I've had great Facebook responses after posting the MN video..

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My concern in Florida is that DeSantis appointed Dave Kerner, a Palm Beach County democrat, to head the state department of highway safety and motor vehicles, which oversees drivers licenses. Thus providing the uniparty and democrats the perfect avenue to issue DL IDs to ineligible voters in Florida. In Florida one has to show ID to vote, at least in my county.

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"My concern in Florida is that DeSantis appointed Dave Kerner, a Palm Beach County democrat, to head the state department of highway safety and motor vehicles, which oversees drivers licenses."


One of the conclusions I reached from my stint as a poll worker checking people in to vote was that the DMV and the Registrar of Voters databases did not use identical, or fully compatible, data structures. People that had obtained a drivers license within the last month or so and whose record should have shown up in the RoV database, often failed to show up or, if the records showed up they were different in subtle ways like the spelling of names, addresses, etc. so the DMV record updates in the RoV database served to 'dirty' the database rather than create clean databases.

The number of times I had to enter a new, and duplicate, record into the voter database was concerning. I suspect part of the issue in Wisconsin with duplicate records were in part due to SQL joins without having clean, and identical, records between the two databases.

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Jay - I'd like to use this technology in my county. How do I get it?


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